France, where are you ?

Speaking about France is a good thing, but knowing where it is, is way better ! That’s why I’m starting the blog with this article.


Crédit: Wikipedia

France is the green point in the center of the map. It’s also named ‘The Hexagon’ because of its 6 sides. It is part of the European continent.  You have different choices concerning  places where you can have a quick swim: the Mediterranean Sea on the South East for example, the Atlantic Ocean on West coast or the English channel on the North but its more like cryotherapy (We cannot considered  the water temperature as hot or even cool …)

France seems small compares to the US for example but we are 67 314 000 inhabitants on 672 369 km²  (or  around 259 603 square miles). This number includes the mainland and  all territories France has all around the world:

  1. On the American side
  • Saint Pierre et Miquelon
  • Saint Martin
  • Guadeloupe
  • Saint Barthelémy
  • Martinique
  • Guyane

2. On the African side

  • Mayotte
  • La Réunion

3. On the Australian side

  • Nouvelle Calédonie
  • Wallis-et-Futuna

4. On the Pacific Ocean

  • French Polynesia

These are the most important French overseas territories which you can find on the map bellow.


Credit: Wikipedia

And finally, something everybody know about France … its capital city, Paris which is the biggest city in France. But there is not only one city in France, and the second biggest one is Marseille in the South, or on ‘La Côte d’Azur’ and the third one is Lyon in the middle East (and I’m proud of this last one because first I live in and second it has recently been elected “best destination in Europe for the week-end”)


Crédit: Epitech

That’s all about the geography and a bit of demography. It’s not the most interesting but it’s the basis.

The best is coming !!


Same article in French ⇒ France où es-tu ?


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