Sport: Florent Manaudou

You maybe heard about him, especially during big events like the Olympic Games for example. He is a French swimmer and won once a gold medal at the Olympic Games, 7 times at the World championship, 11 times at the European championship and 22 times at the French championship with 2 world records in 2014 at the World championship, at only 25 years old. Not to bad, right !

But during the last Olympic Games, France put many expectations on him, he is like our hero, the person who will put France on the top of nations in swimming, but in Rio nothing really happened, 2 silver medals which is really good, but it wasn’t what we expected and this is NOT what he was expecting neither. After this disappointment, he announced he would maybe stop swimming to think about what he really wanted to do.

The confirmation arrives two days ago (09/27/16), Florent Manaudou stops for a while swimming (not totally, he will still swim in some competitions), and started to play handball in a small team.

He didn’t really enjoy what he was doing. He won everything and at 25 years old, it’s more than impressive ! Athletes need to enjoy what they do to do it the best way possible. It wasn’t the case with Florent, but now, he finds again in the handball game, this joy he had when he was swimming.

I offer you the possibility to have a look to how he told his decision on Facebook (it’s in French)

French article: Sport: Florent Manaudou


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