Disney and more…

The first time I went to the US, we went to Universal Studio. I was a fun way to end our first trip. In France, we don’t have Universal Studio, but we have many others, let’s talk about them !

Disneyland Paris is the most visited amusement park in France. You have the “normal” park for children and adults and the studio park with more sensations and special effects for every ages.

Disney is in Marne-la-Vallée, next to Paris, so you can book one day of your trip to go there, or two days and you’ll sleep in one of the Disney hotels. If you are in Paris there are different options to go to the park: by bus with the Disneyland Paris Expressby car or by RER train. If you are not in Paris you can go by taking the plane, the car or the train. If you are in one of these cities,  you can take the train “ouigo” which is a low cost train (for example from Lyon to Marne-la-Vallée, it cost 10€ if you take your ticket in advance), the train stops in Disney train station. Once arrived let your luggage at the Disney Express luggage service and ENJOY !


Credit: Parc Astérix

After Mickey and his friends, let’s talk about Asterix ! Asterix, first of all is a hero of comics and then cartoons and movies. It talks with humor about our ancestors Gallics against Romans, and this is the theme of this park. Like Dinsey, there is attractions with Asterix settings, and different shows. With more than 30 attractions, Asterix Park welcome children and adults, it’s situated at around 19miles from Paris.


Credit: Futuroscope

Opened in 1987, this park is based on cinematography, audiovisual media, 3D and 4D. It’s the 4th most visited theme park in France. For children and adult, it’s situated near Poitiers and you can get there by car, plane or train (it has its own train station). You can sleep in one of the Futuroscope hotel.

If I can give my opinion, it’s a good park, but nothing very ‘futuristic’. But some new attractions are good and modern like the Ice age attraction or the Raving Rabbids one.



Le Pal is half amusement park, half zoo, it’s a good way to spend your day with friends or family. Children will love the attractions and the zoo and shows when they will be more tired. It offers 26 attractions and 700 animals, you won’t be bored !


Credit:Auvergne tourisme

If you want to stay a nigh in this park, you can book what they call “lodges” in nature, the whole family will LOVE it ! This park isn’t too expensive  (even if renting a lodges isn’t cheap) so you can easily spend a day.

Le Pal is situated in the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region (2H from Lyon) and not far from the Bourgogne region. You can take advantage of your stay there to continu your road trip in Bourgogne and visit vineyards (why not !).


Credit: OK Corral

The last one is one of my favorite !  This park is situated in the South of France, near Marseille and is about Cowboys and Indians in the Far West ! Shows and attractions will bring you to an other century. Complet the experience by staying a night in a tipi.

  • A few more…

Some of the most visited park in France don’t have attractions but a theme like Marineland which is the same type as Marineland of Florida,  Vulcania in Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region which is about volcans, or Le Puy du Fou which with many shows and settings, trace from the Middle-Ages to the XX° century the life of French people.


The same article in French: Disney et plus encore…





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