TV: Dancing with the stars

The new season of “Dancing with the stars” started 5 weeks ago in the USA. And now, it’s time for the french version !

It’s the 7th season of “Dance avec les stars” which will start on Saturday on the channel named TF1, one of the most important channel in France.

Who will dance this year ?

Credit: TF1


From left to right:

  1. Kamel le magicien ⇒ a magician. You can see his videos here
  2. Sylvie Tellier ⇒ Miss France 2002 and now take care of the new misses
  3. Olivier Minne ⇒ TV host. He for example present Fort Boyard (Fort Boyard: the Ultimate Challenge)
  4. Valérie Damidot ⇒ TV host and actress
  5. Julien Lepers ⇒ Ex TV host and Radio host
  6. Camille Lou ⇒ a singer. She sang in the musical “1789: Les amants de la Bastille” and now in the musical “La légende du Roi Arthur
  7. Florent Mothe ⇒ a singer. He sang in the musical “Mozart l’Opéra Rock” and now with Camille Lou in the musical “La légende du Roi Arthur“. He also has his own songs which you can find here
  8. Caroline Receveur ⇒ ex reality show candidate, she is now a blogger and a model
  9. Laurent Maistret ⇒ winner of the TV show “Koh-Lanta” in 2014 (similarities with “Survivor”), he is now a model and a TV host
  10. Karine Ferri ⇒ TV and radio host and a model
  11. Artus ⇒  an humorist. You can watch his sketches here 

So, who will win this year ? Who will be the winner after:


You will be able to follow the different dances on the “dance avec les stars” youtube channel here, as well as all the performances since the first season !

To grade the different dances we’ll have the jury, all professional dancers.


There are Fauve Hautot (who was dancer in the show, but she’s a member of the jury), Chris Marques ( three times salsa world championship winner), Jean-Marc Généreux (ballroom dancers and Quebecer choreographer) and Marie-Claude Pietragalla (lead dancer and French choreographer).  Don’t trust their grade sign, these one are rarely saw!!!

And finally, a picture of all the dancers


Who will you support ?


Same article in French: TV: Danse avec les stars





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