November, 11th: Home sweet home and memories

What a joy to have a long week end ! November 11th is a public holiday. But why ?

In November 11 1918, the armistice of World War (which last 4 years) I was signed and stop the fight between the Allies (France, British Empire, Russian Empire and the US in 1917) and Germany. It’s a defeat for Germany. The peace between these nations will be signed in June 1919 in Versailles and stop the First World War.

France is one of the country with the highest number of killed and missing soldiers: 1.4 million.

Every November 11th since then, we celebrate these people who died for our freedom. After 1918, memorials were built for these soldiers (or reused after the war of 1890). Since the law of 1922, November 11 is a non-work day and ceremonies are organised to celebrate these men and it’s still the case in every single cities and villages in France.

Each November 11 in Paris, the president drop off flowers on the funerary monument of the unknown soldier. This soldier is one of the many soldiers found without identity and represents all this soldiers.


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