November 13 2015: Time to remember…

Some words just to remember this day when 130 people died and more than 400 people injured one year ago during Paris attacks. They were in bars and restaurants, at a concert, near a stadium. We will never understand what they really felt when it happens but we will always feel the pain when we’ll think of that night.

One year, 365 days, it can seem long, but it so short when we think back to it. I remember these facts, these images, this solidarity, these faces, this pain I felt and I still feel, this fear I felt, this flag on windows, these tributes from all around the world and national tribute and these National Anthem (Marseillaise) sang everywhere.

I want to share it with you, I want to share this Marseillaise sang by a whole stadium 4 days after Paris Attack which gave me chills, I want to share this song “Quand on a que l’amour” (‘When we only have love’) sang by three singers during the National tributes, with the pictures of every single person killed, this song l’Hymne à l’Amour (‘ode to love’) sang by Céline Dion and this wonderful and incredibly touching speach and this Madonna’s song.  I can share thousands of wonderful images of monuments with French colors ‘blue, white and red’.

One word to those people who thought of us, who shared our pain and anger: THANK YOU.


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