Politics: Primary elections

Yesterday was the second round of the primary election for the “right side” ‘Les Républicains’.

How does it works ?

Like in most of the elections in France, it’s a 2 rounds election. One week ago, there were 7 candidates, including the former French president ( 2007-2012) Nicolas Sarkozy. Those who are taking on for the second round are the first two candidates with the most votes. Last Sunday, it was François Fillon (several times secretary and the prime minister of Nicolas Sarkozy) and Alain Juppé (several times secretary and prime minister of Jacques Chirac (1995)). On Sunday, François Fillon won the primary elections with 66.5% of votes.

So François Fillon will represent the right side of the political spectrum in 2017. The former president Nicolas Sarkozy didn’t have votes enough to have an access to the second round, which was unexpected.

To be able to vote for this primary, we had to pay 2€ which is not the case with presidential election or other elections (FORTUNATELY !!).

We are now waiting for the primary election of the ‘left side’ “Le Parti Socialiste (PS)” which is actually the government, and we’ll know if the president, François Hollande (2012-) will be standing for the next elections !

Article ‘USA Today’ about primary


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