New year: Cheers !

New year was some days ago now but we have until January the 31st  to say it, so Happy New Year !

In one of my last article I briefly talked about waiting before drinking. And during this period of celebrations, it’s something we are confront to. For celebrations like Christmas, New Year or even when you are with friends, we must wait until everyone has their glass and then English speaking people say ‘cheers’. And here are some ways to say it in French.

If you are several people you will say ‘A votre santé’ ou ‘A la vôtre’. If you are just two you can say ‘A ta santé’ or ‘A la tienne’. or to make it easier, you can just say ‘Santé !’. If you are gathered for a special occasion like holidays you can say ‘Aux vacances !’, a new house ‘A la nouvelle maison’ well, you make a toast to something special. While saying those words, you only raise your glass, and then you can drink.

You can do something else before the ‘A-la-vôtre’-thing, you can clink glasses and while you’re doing it you say ‘Tchin’.

Things to do while you clinking glasses:

  • Look into the person you are clinking glasses with in the eyes
  • you can’t cross glasses

Why do we do that ? During Middle Ages, two people should do it to put some drops of one’s beverage in an other glass and the reverse to prove there was nothing strange in the beverage which was served to the king… does it make sens ?




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