They did it !!

January, 23rd

At the Sirha international hotel catering and food trade exhibition in Lyon (France), the french team became for the 8th times the baking world champions.

Congratulation to Etienne Leroy, Jean-Thomas Schneider and Bastien Girard for their victory and talent !


January, 28th

Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron won gold medal at the European ice skating in Ostrava (Czech Republic) for the 3rd times. They are also world champions twice. Find their performance here.

January, 30th

Handball french team became for the 6th time the world champions yesterday again Norway. They are now one of the most successful team in history. Since 1995, they’ve won 11 titles and the most team titled in handball of all time !


January, 30th

One more victory !  Miss France 2016, Iris Mittenaered who let her crown to Miss France 2017 (see here) became Miss Universe 2017 tonight in the Philippines. Congratulation to here, she represented wonderfully our country !





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