Presidential election: first round

Today is the first round of our presidential elections.

After some months of campaign, 11 candidates and two TV debates (one with the 5 most important candidates and one with all candidates) and one TV speech one by one, today we are voting.

Like I said, 11 candidates are in competition but 4 of them are favorites: Marine Le pen (far-right nationalist), Emmanuel Macron (independent centrist and former economic minister), François Fillon (representing right party and former first minister) and Jean-Luc Mélanchon ( far left party). The candidate for the left party, which is the actual government is not in the top 4, but is represented by Benoît Hamon.

Why this election is complicated for us ?

  1. These last years, the political spectrum was mostly between right and left political parties. But in 2012, we went from a right president (Nicolas Sarkozy) to a left president (François Hollande). But our president is one of the most unpopular president of our 5th Republic. That’s why people try to see what’s going on in other political parties, which made this election an unpredictable one.
  2. Some people wanted to go back to a right government. But one problem: the candidate. François Fillon is in a scandal of fake jobs and was even placed under formal investigation. Of course some of his supporters will vote for him, but some people who wanted to vote for him before the revelations, don’t want and are lost.
  3. The rise of the number of terrorism attacks tend to emphasize the feeling of nationalism and that’s why Marine Le Pen is in second position in opinion polls.
  4. People need change but each candidat’s program has its good and bad points.

All this points make the suspense grow more and more. We can have an idea with opinion polls which were made throughout the campaign, and the last survey give Macron at the top with 23%, Le Pen with 22%, Fillon and Mélanchon with 19% and far behind Hamon with 8%.

To vote, we are receiving the program of each candidates some days before the first round.

Credit: Nouvel Observateur

We are also receiving our new voter registration card since it changes at each presidential election.

Credit: Ouest france

The D day, we go to our polling place, written on our voter registration card, with it and our identity card. There, there are papers with the name of all candidates and envelops. We take a paper of each candidate, to chose only one in the polling booth.

Credit: Le Monde

Once it’s finished, we go out of the polling booth and go to the ballot box, where we give or voter registration card and our ID and they verified our identity and only then we can put our ballot paper in the polling booth and sign.

Credit: France TV Info

We’ll see around 9 p.m the result of this first round !


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