School in France

In France, school starts at 3 years old with what we call “maternelle”. It lasts 3 years, but is not obligatory (but strongly advised). One class per age: ‘première section’, ‘ deuxième section’, troisième section’ de maternelle. After these three years, the child enter one of the most important class: ‘le CP’ (cours préparatoire) where … More School in France

Presidential election: second round and results

Here we are ! Yesterday we elected or 8th President of our Republic. Emmanuel Macron is the new one with 66.1%. He was opposed to Marine Le Pen who had 33.9%. Emmanuel Macron become the youngest President of this 6th Republic. First of all, François Hollande is still the President, until the inauguration. So today, … More Presidential election: second round and results

New year: Cheers !

New year was some days ago now but we have until January the 31st  to say it, so Happy New Year ! In one of my last article I briefly talked about waiting before drinking. And during this period of celebrations, it’s something we are confront to. For celebrations like Christmas, New Year or even when … More New year: Cheers !

La bise

This week-end, I went to my friend’s party in Bourgogne, a region of east-central France and I had some trouble with something typically French: la bise !!                                                         … More La bise