En/Au + country

In English, it’s simple, you’re going TO Brasil and you’re going TO China. But in French …. it’s not that simple ! Once you’ll know the rule you’ll find it easy. En + feminine            Au + masculine Example: ‘Je vais en Chine’ → La Chine = feminine             ‘Je … More En/Au + country

How to ask a question in French ?

There are 3 different ways to ask a question in French according to the formal or informal context. Interrogative pronouns  Like in English, we have interrogative pronouns like the ‘Q words’: ‘qui, que, quoi, quel(le), qu’ ‘ or ‘à qui’ ‘à quoi’ ‘comment’ ‘combien’ ‘où’ ‘lequel, laquelle, lesquel(le)s’ ‘pourquoi’ These are the words in context: Qui parle ? // Who is … More How to ask a question in French ?

Letter combinations

Let’s talk about creating sounds with several letters. Like in many language, French has letter combinations to create  new sounds. It’s important to know them to be able to read or even speak and pronounced correctly. For those who know about phonetic, I’ll put into square brackets the transcription. ‘ou’ = [u] ⇒ like in ‘poule’ … More Letter combinations