Presidential election: second round and results

Here we are ! Yesterday we elected or 8th President of our Republic. Emmanuel Macron is the new one with 66.1%. He was opposed to Marine Le Pen who had 33.9%. Emmanuel Macron become the youngest President of this 6th Republic. First of all, François Hollande is still the President, until the inauguration. So today, … More Presidential election: second round and results

School in France

In France, school starts at 3 years old with what we call “maternelle”. It lasts 3 years, but is not obligatory (but strongly advised). One class per age: ‘première section’, ‘ deuxième section’, troisième section’ de maternelle. After these three years, the child enter one of the most important class: ‘le CP’ (cours préparatoire) where … More School in France

They did it !!

January, 23rd At the Sirha international hotel catering and food trade exhibition in Lyon (France), the french team became for the 8th times the baking world champions. Congratulation to Etienne Leroy, Jean-Thomas Schneider and Bastien Girard for their victory and talent !   January, 28th Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron won gold medal at the … More They did it !!